A New Start

It’s been a while since I felt compelled to keep a blog. I haven’t had that much that I wanted to write about, or at least not much that I thought other people would be interested in reading.

But, I have a thing or two happening in my life these days, and I think the best way to keep myself honest – and potentially help or motivate some other people out there – is to document the craziness. It may help me maintain my sanity.

First things first (and most important): I’m getting married! My fiance Michael proposed in an adorable cafe in a beautiful village on the coast on a glorious surprise trip to Italy. It was incredible, and I’ll definitely get around to sharing pictures of that trip on here soon.

Part and parcel with an engagement, of course, is a wedding, which we’re planning to have in wine country (USA) in September. That’s…not long from now.

Deep breaths…

We are lucky enough that we’re able to hire a wedding planner. We just finalized that this week, and I already feel 10 pounds lighter. It’ll definitely still be stressful, making sure everything is just so, but having someone keep track of all the details that would definitely slip my mind is a huge relief.

Plus, I have enough actual weight of my own to lose, I don’t need any additional wedding weight, you know?

Which brings me to my other reason for starting this little blogging adventure. I need somewhere I can talk about my workouts, my delicious new healthy recipes and, sometimes – okay most of the time – how badly I’m craving a candy bar or a bagel. I’m doing well. I’ve found a workout I absolutely love, and I’ve gotten creative about eating food that’s healthy and delicious. But it’s a process, you know?

I’ll spend the rest of the time on this blog aggressively daydreaming about all the places I’d travel to nonstop if I didn’t have a job that was tethered to this particular geographic location. The mister and I love traveling, so I figure there’s no harm in planning trips well in advance of taking them. Or, perhaps, planning trips regardless of whether or not we ever take them at all.



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